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Monday September 21 2015

Monday September 21st 2015

Guiding Questions: (Setting the Stage) What do we mean when we say changing harmful Attitude, Norms and Behaviour that perpetuate VAWG/GBV in our programs. What is the scope of the topic we will be discussing?



Questions and OBJECTIVES



Coffee and Tea


Please fill in your profile cards and plot them on the large map.

9:00- 9:30


Welcome given by Sipho and Dr Pregs Govender

The tone is set for a productive and collaborative meeting.



  • Introduction and expectation exercise
  • Agenda outline

We will go over some feedback from some of the responses from the pre-learning event survey.


Coffee Break from 10:45-11am


Please fill in your profile cards and plot them on the large map

Session 1


Part 1







First Plenary Session:


Key Framing Question:  What do we mean by changing harmful attitudes, norms and behaviours to end and prevent VAWG/GBV?


Session Chair: Caroline Marrs 



Elizabeth Rowley (Path GBV Researcher)

Tina Musuya (Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP)

Hannah Clare (Head of Global Safeguarding, OGB)

Dr. Pumla Gqola (Feminist Scholar and Professor at Wits University)

This session will be structured like a TV panel for one hour with 30 minutes for questions and answers. The objective here is to start to unpack what we mean when we say we are changing attitude, norms and behaviour that perpetuate VAWG/GBV.  




Lunch 12:30pm – 1:25pm

During lunch you are encouraged to vote for a poster you would like to know more about, check out the resource library, and share your thoughts on the Ideas Wall


Session 1

Part 2


Discussing and deepening our learning from the morning.


Table Leads will include:


  • Irene Muñoz (OI) (Spanish)
  • Rita Soares Pinto (OGB) (French)
  • Julie Thekkudan (OIN) (English)
  • Carmen Renoso (ON) (Spanish)
  • Michael Arnaud (OQ) ( French)
  • Anna Trembath (OAU) (English)
  • Laurie Adams (OGB) (English) 


Knowledge Hub Support Person: Christine Hughes (

Let’s discuss what we learned from the First Plenary!


We will break up into tables and capture ideas and deepen learning from the morning session.  The key objective here is to continue to explore attitude, norm and behaviour change that perpetuate VAWG/GBV and deepen our learning from the morning session.


Session 3


Skills Building Exercises (Simultaneous Sessions)

Sally Golding (OGB): How can influencing, advocacy & campaigns challenge norms, attitudes and behaviour around VAW? Sharing lessons.

Tina Musuya (CEDOVIP): Every day activism opportunities to prevent violence against women

Natsnet Ghebrebrhan (Raising Voices): SASA! community mobilization approach

Dr. Abul Hossain (Bangladesh): psychosocial counseling to change deeply entrenched stereotypes

Michelle Deschong (Australia): Women as change makers – strengthening our lobbying skills to create change

Kathleen Dey (Rape Crisis Centre Cape Town Trust): Vicarious trauma and self-care  

Aissa Touré  (One World Mali):  Using e-learning, technology and communication to promote SRHR behavior change in young teens


Knowledge Hub Support Person: Laura Haylock (


We are offering a broad array skills building exercises with the objective of giving you a tangible tool with which to return to your country office.


Here we have asked participants to sign up for your top two choices for Skills Building Exercises.  Please consult the list at the main registration desk to see which Skills Building Exercise you have been assigned.






Coffee break

During the coffee break you are encouraged to vote for a poster you would like to know more about, check out the resource library, and share your thoughts on the Ideas Wall. Also why not do a video interview about a few key learnings!

Session 4


Birds of a Feather:  

  1. Awareness Campaigns or shifting public opinion to prevent VAWG/GBV - Ranu Kayastha Bhogal (Oxfam India),  Lourdes Montero (Oxfam Bolivia), Diana Ismailova (Oxfam Tajikistan), Jana Vasil'eva (Oxfam Mexico), Kenia Lorenzo (Oxfam Cuba),  Ethar (Oxfam Yemen)
  2. Engaging Men and Masculinites - Anna Trembath (Oxfam Australia), Michael Arnaud (Oxfam Quebec), Hadeel Abdo (Oxfam OPTI), Marie-Hélène Bérubé (Oxfam Peru), Doreen Fernando (Oxfam Solomon Islands)
  3. Engaging Youth and/or ending violence in schools: Lourdes Montero (Oxfam Bolivia), Mélida Guevara (Oxfam El Salvador), Audrey Baril (Oxfam Benin), Abdoulaye Tanko (Oxfam Niger) 
  4. Connecting long-term development and humanitarian learning on ANB change– Julie Lafrenière (VAWG/GBV KH)
  5. Building Women’s Leadership and  Local Women's Movement for VAW prevention: Joselyn Bigirwa (Oxfam Uganda), Michelle Deshong (Oxfam Australia) 
  6. Edutainment and community mobilization through pop culture – Conor Molloy (Oxfam Bangladesh),  Shan Lai Chung (Oxfam Hong Kong-China), Soufia Galand (Oxfam Tunisia/Maghreb), Katinka Moone (Oxfam Novib)


Knowledge Hub Support Person: Laura Haylock ( 


Birds of a Feather Gatherings are relatively small and informal discussion-based gatherings, aimed at building networks, and exploring ideas linked to changing negative or emphasizing positive attitudes, norms and behaviours that perpetuate VAWG/GBV.


We have grouped participants into groups based on common themes that people signed up for ahead of time.  


Participants not listed should feel free to join whatever topic they are most interested in.



Come together to add ideas to the Ideas Wall and break for the day



Evening Cocktail (Drummer Café and Poetry from Mandisa Vundla (Mandivee))