Do I have to register to attend the event?

Yes. Everyone is asked to register for the event.  Please click here to access the registration forms. Please note that the last day to register for the event is (June 20, 2015).

Who should participate?

The learning event is most relevant for country-level staff who are specifically working on VAWG/GBV programs that are engaged in changing (or strengthening positive) attitude, norms and behaviours linked to VAWG/GBV
Knowledge Hub staff and a limited number of other Oxfam staff, who have relevant contributions on the topic will be in invited to attend
We are also planning on creating an external event that will happen in the later afternoon into the evening on Day 1 of the conference. We expect that Oxfam staff from the Knowledge Exchange Event, academics and donors will participate in this event 

Why Participate?

  1.  The Power to Prevent is an exciting opportunity for Oxfam staff to learn and share about our own successes and challenges in implementing programs that target attitude, norm and behaviour change (both negative and positive). 
  2. The Power to Prevent will allow Oxfam staff to deepen their knowledge on the both cutting edge intervention and MEL strategies for this type of program.  In particular we are hoping to strengthen our intervention and MEL strategies on how to target norm change in VAWG/GBV programs
  3. The Power to Prevent will provide spaces for colleagues working on similar issues to get to know each other better.  The external panel will also provide an opportunity to network with researchers and donors    

What are the responsibilities of the participants?

The Power to Prevent is one learning moment in a larger, on-going knowledge initiative for 2015-2016  By participating in The Power to Prevent we would like participants to:  
  1. Commit to integrate relevant knowledge and tools generated from learning event into their program practice
  2. Commit to share the knowledge generated in the Power to Prevent with relevant colleagues and partners who are unable to attend.  We will prepare a presentation of key findings from the Power to Prevent to facilitate knowledge sharing  
  3. Continue to participate in this knowledge exchange virtually (post event). 

What is the overall aim of The Power to Prevent Learning Event?

To provide a dynamic space to improve the knowledge of key Oxfam staff about effective intervention and MEAL strategies and other program practice in changing negative and emphasizing positive, attitudes, norms and behaviours in order to prevent VAWG/GBV.

Application Process

I accidentally clicked the submit button before I finished completing the form. What should I do?

Not to worry. Send us an e-mail @   letting us know we will be receiving an incomplete application and then fill out a second one.

I filled out the application form. Does that automatically get sent to you or do I have to do something else?

Once the application form has been filled out, it gets sent directly to us.  You do not have to do anything else. Your part in the process is done.

I was selected to be a part of the SVRI panel does that mean I should participate in the Power to Prevent?

Yes. Representatives who were selected to be a part of Oxfam’s SVRI panel are asked to participate in the Power to Prevent Event.  Representatives should still complete all four parts of the Power to Prevent invitation process.

I have been selected to attend the Power to Prevent Event. What Next?

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to fill out the rest of PART A of the application form (your travel, accommodation and dietary requirements) and send it back to the Knowledge Hub by July 31, 2015


I have program experience how do I share that?

At The Power to Prevent, we will have a vibrant mix of ways for all participants to actively engage and learn.  To do so, we are suggesting a range of session types for the sharing of programmatic experience and resources.  We ask that each participant:
  1. Indicate their interest in participating in/contributing to any of: Birds of a Feather Gatherings, the Resource Library, and Poster Exhibit;
  2. Sign up to lead at least 1 of a: Panel or Demonstration, Skills building session, Think Tank


What costs are covered for Oxfam participants? External participants?

The Knowledge Hub will cover participants' accommodation costs for 4 nights and the cost of the meeting (the KH is also covering the costs of the coffee/tea, lunches, venue, facilitators, translators, supplies, etc).

Country offices need to cover participant return flights, return ground transportation to the venue, breakfasts and dinners during the three days (approx. $50 / day USD) and meals in transit (ie before September 21st and after September 23rd). If you need an estimate of these additional costs in order to confirm participation, please be in touch with Laura Haylock (laura.haylock@oxfam.ca).    


What are the dates of the event?

The Power to Prevent is a 3 day event that runs from September 21- September 23rd.

Where will the event be held?

The event will be held at the Protea Hotel Centurion.
For more information see: www.proteahotels.com/centurion.  

What should I do when I arrive at the Event?

Visit with the Check-In desk to get your name tag and conference package.

For further questions please contact: