Key Event Learnings

Welcome back!  

We are thrilled to share the resources from the Power to Prevent learning event.  We pored through all the Ideas cards you produced and came up with 13 Key learnings (see list below). Click on any of these to find a summary of ideas from the Ideas Wall (in three languages in PDF attachments); powerpoint presentations and resources we were able to collect from participants about that theme; video clips; and the names and emails of people who gave presentations that day – whether in panel sessions, think tanks, the marketplace, etc.  Some of the names will be hyperlinked because we have some biographical information about the person and/or we have the powerpoint or other resource they shared.  

For those with little time, we recommend the paper presented especially for the Power to Prevent event, by Diana Majury of the Gender Equality Measurement Group. Take 15 minutes and have a look at the video highlights. 

Please enjoy these resources.  And go to the VAWG/GBV Knowledge Hub digital platform to continue the discussion!

Getting started: What is attitude, norm and behavior change - ANB General

Top issues for Oxfam in changing attitudes, norms and behaviours to prevent and end VAWG/GBV

  1. Men & masculinities 
  2. Children & youth 
  3. Religion, tradition & culture
  4. Government
  5. Intersectionality 
  6. WEE & DV

Cross-cutting ideas and questions that are important to Oxfam as an actor in changing attitudes, norms and behavior to prevent and end VAWG/GBV

  1. Humanitarian programming 
  2. Campaigns & influencing programming
  3. Branding
  4. Donors & funding
  5. ANB change in Oxfam 
  6. MEL of ANB change