ANB change in Oxfam

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  • Oxfam internal practice needs to align with breaking down gender roles and stereotypes
  • Need to address internal gender parity issues that are raised by any initiative
  • Organisational silence about own practices & experiences of violence are an issue
  • There is questioning about putting human rights at the heart of all we do; need to start with our own staff
  • How do we live intersectionality?  Dialogues, recruitment, levels of employment and pay parity.
  • ALL staff trained on GBV before and during emergencies. Need to build internal capacity.
  • Hypocrisy – why will others listen to us about how to change if we aren’t willing to walk our talk. We also become part of the problem.
  • Where do we intervene first to create change?
  • We need to reflect on the concepts we are using, and address the gap between what we say and reality
  • The buy-in of directors/senior managers is fundamental in order to move forward with this work


Rukia Cornelius. 
Think tank.  “Political economy of VAWG within Oxfam”.