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  Ideas wall

  • What has worked - feminist movements and collective action by women
  • Support national feminist movements 
  • NGO-ization of movements 
  • GJ movement should be women-led in and beyond Oxfam - need clear strategies and goals.
  • VAWG a strategy and a goal


  • How to create a "feminist approach" civil society to engage in policy and political issues for women?
  • Feminist movements - how do we work through complexities of Oxfam branding and visibility and connect to fundraising?
  • How much does Oxfam work with collectives?  Branding vs. collective voices 
  • How can northern affiliates contribute with campaigning to end VAWG and GBV? 
  • In a coalition based campaign, what is the niche or "unique selling proposition" or value-add for Oxfam 
  • What is Oxfam`s role?