Children & youth

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It's important to be mindful of the terms we use when considering violence against both girls and boys

  • GBV vs. VAWG – GBV can be more inclusive of different forms & groups
  • GBV has multiple definitions and there's the risk/threat of being de-politicised and not addressing VAWG

Some points were raised about work with boys (in the overall context of Men & Masculinities work)

  • What is the role of biology? Are boys born a certain way? (Physical energy, etc) But they are also informed by social groups and boys receive messages
  • Challenge of finding true or “meaningful engagement” with men and boys – must socialize these groups
  • Whether boys or girls, their learning in family and faith environments needs to be considered and addressed. For instance, girls may seek out FGM because of societal and faith-driven norms, attitudes, and pressures them (e.g., they must marry and therefore must have FGM)

How do we build women’s/girls’ agency to say NO to violence?

  Ideas for reaching youth

  • mass media, social media (includes edutainment, pop culture)
  • F2F/direct media - eg theatre


Skills Building Session “SASA Community Mobilization”


Aissa Toure.
Skills Building Session.  “E-learing, ICT, teens”


Joselyn Bigirwa.
Marketplace.  “Multi-stakeholder”

Joselyn Bigirwa_Multistakeholder program Uganda_P2P

Saleema Munir.
 SVRI presentation.  “Women’s political participation”

Saleema Munir - Women's Political Leadership Pakistan - SVRI presentation

Marketplace/SVRI.  “Indigenous women, traditional leaders”

Monica Bau - Indigenous Women Guatemala - SVRI forum

SVRI.  “STAV project Solomon, community mobilization”

Doreen Fernando - STAV Solomon Islands - SVRI presentation

Marketplace/SVRI.  “Edutainment”

Conor Malloy- Bangladesh Edutainment- SVRI forum

SVRI.  “Conceptual framework”

Laura Haylock - Oxfam's Conceptual Framework on Changing Social Norms - SVRI and P2P

Julie Thekkudan.
Think Thank.  “Translating online change to change on the ground”.
 Think Tank.  “Involving youth in monitoring changes”.