Donors & funding

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  • Agenda adapted to donor requirements 
  • Difficulty to ask donors to put funds for vawg in humanitarian responses
  • No need to innovate all the time - let`s learn and adapt (change takes time...) 
  • Length of programming and realistic ambitions 
  • Influencing of donors - it is our responsibility to make things visible 
  • Critiquing donor approaches - e.g., they often have no time for strategies/strategizing 
  • Discourse about economics of prevention and less funding available for services 
  • Are we engaging in big trends and influencing donors, world bank, etc 
  • Agree with the concern about looking at vaw prevention in isolation.  services are critical 
  • Need to critically engage with donors and critique their approaches when a focus on prevention (or on response services) potentially jeopardizes the other


Lisa Vetten.
Panel. “Future, next steps”

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