MEL of ANB change

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  • ANB are complex elements influenced by context and various other factors: changes in ANB therefore take time and we need to understand the process of change in order to measure it appropriately.
  • Documenting changes in ANB is a challenge and it can be difficult to collect the right information.
  • What ‘works’ is not so important; but instead ‘why and in which context things have not worked’.  We  can learn from our mistakes and failures. 
  • Long-term change is difficult to measure, especially due to difficulties to document and monitor after the end of a project.
  • Ideally, long-term change should be overtaken by partners, provided they have the capacities (including funding) to keep carrying the activities and monitoring after the end of a project.

Strategies to capture change

  • Conduct more research.
  • Regular monitoring visits.
  • We need to improve MEL for advocacy and campaigning to measure what change has happened and what is our actual contribution to it.
  • Importance for Oxfam to have a mix of mainstreamed and stand-along programming to end VAWG/GBV – and MEL adapted to these two types of programming


  • What is the kind of evidence to measure changes in attitudes, norms, behaviors and individual beliefs? How to collect it?
  • What role for practice-based evidence in violence against women work?
  • Where does change in ANB happen?


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