Wanelisa Xaba:  Panel – future/next steps

Tina Musuya: Panel-what do we mean by ANB 

Saleema Munir: SVRI - Women’s political leadership; Align constitutions, tribal laws, and traditional/norm and religious laws

Pumla Dineo Gqola: Panel-what do we mean by ANB 

Natsnet Ghebrebrhan:  SASA community mobilization 

Marie-Hélène Bérubé: Men and masculinities 

Kathleen Dey: Panel-MEL of ANB  

Laura Haylock: SVRI - Conceptual framework

Lisa Vetten: Panel – future/next steps 

Julie Lafrenière: Promoting Gender Equality ANB change in humanitarian settings

Helen Lindley: Panel-MEL of ANB  

Hannah Clare: Panel-what do we mean by ANB; MEL practice in humanitarian setting 

Gaëlle Figueira: Positive masculinity 

Elizabeth Rowley: Panel-MEL of ANB; Panel-what do we mean by ANB  

Dr. Touré Aïssa Haïdara 

Dr. Abul Hossain: Panel – future/next steps

Diana Majury: Panel – future/next steps 

Christine Hughes: ToC for the VAWG WIN Campaign; multi-country campaign on VAW

Caroline Marrs: Panel moderator 

Anne Bourget: N/A

Anja Kessler: Digital platform

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