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Christine Hughes

Christine Hughes

Christine has worked on violence against women, gender equality, and women’s rights through research and community education for 15 years.  Prior to joining Oxfam in 2014, she finished a doctorate in Sociology with a project about how labour migration impacts household gender equality in Guatemala, worked as a community educator with women’s anti-violence organizations in Guatemala and Canada, and researched women’s experiences in garment factories in Honduras. She has also studied International Development and Political Science, always with a gender focus.  

As a Women’s Rights Knowledge Specialist at Oxfam Canada, she coordinates research projects and facilitates knowledge-sharing on a variety of VAW topics, including shortfalls in implementation of VAWG legislation, and the links between women’s economic empowerment and domestic violence.  She speaks Spanish well and her French is a work in progress!  She lives with her wonderful partner Dave and 2 cats in Ottawa, where she volunteers with an organization that helps newcomers to Canada settle into their homes, plays soccer year-round, and canoes and camps in the summer.


Think Tank - Theory of Change for the VAWG WIN Campaign
Think Tank - Multi-country campaign on VAW


WEE and DV
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