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Marie-Hélène Bérubé
Marie-Hélène Bérubé

Marie-Hélène Bérubé is a Gender Advisor working with Oxfam in Peru since 2014 with a keen interest on violence against women and masculinities. After completing a Bachelor in Social work at the University of Quebec in Montreal, she participated in an internship with OXFAM Quebec in Morocco and successfully led several projects pertaining to the violence against women, and the promotion of women’s rights. 

Her passion for gender equality in developing countries brought her to complete a Master’s degree in Globalization and International Development at the University of Ottawa, Canada. During her studies, she had the opportunity to travel and live in India working as a Research Assistant with the Human Rights Law Network promoting gender equality. Her work in Peru on prevention of violence against women and masculinities permitted to systematize successful experiences, good practices and lessons learned of 4 organizations working on this issue. 


Men and masculinities


Men, masculinities