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Saleema Munir

Saleema Munir
has more than twelve years’ experience working with local and international NGOs in community development, relief, rehabilitation, disaster preparedness, project development and program management. In addition to this, Saleema has managed multiple projects of CRS independently. Some of the projects she has managed include: USDA Drought Mitigation Program, EU supported Food for Girls' Education Program, CRS funded Girls Formal Education Program, CRS funded Non-formal Girls'  Education, Women Empowerment Program for Peace and the Local Partners’ Capacity Building program. 

Saleema started her career in community development work as a social organizer in flood affected areas of Southern Punjab, with a local NGO named Pattan.  However, it was in her role as a Coordinator for the Women’s Desk at the Caritas Pakistan organization (Islamabad/Rawalpindi chapter) that she developed a good understanding about gender issues as she collaborated with male CBOs to a) form women’s groups and develop earning groups for children and b) to organize training sessions on food preservation, vegetable cultivation and income generating strategies. Notably, in her role as the Coordinator at Caritas Pakistan, Saleema was also responsible for: assigning duties to social activists and supervising income generating activities, functional literacy programs and skills training centers for women.
Saleema also has eight years of high school teaching experience. As a teacher, Seleema developed lesson plans on a wide range of topics for various levels, worked with emotionally and physically challenged students, observed and participate in effective classroom management approaches and organized and orchestrated a parent-teacher conference. 

Saleema Munir currently works as the programme manager of the gender Justice - Ending Violence Against Women Programme in the Oxfam office in Pakistan.


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